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About Us

A New Chapter for our Team to integrate our different brandings and services, into a new

Digital ERA. With our previous Talent Management Brand “EMP Talents Guild” we would like

to introduce our E-Commerce Live Streaming Platform / Channel “EMP Shopping Network”.

This Platform / Channel is a place where we would like to work with multiple business to

showcase their products and services, not only using the E-Commerce system, also with the

support of the collection of “Talents” to Live stream. The Business get to choose to either

allow EMP Talents to Live stream for them, for they can choose to be Trained to live stream

themselves. In turns this will ultimately create a Community of Micro-Business Liver Stream


To add on to this, we also have a special category for “ASNAF” Micro-business, where we will

support this community in which needs education, training and platform to digitalise the

methodology to sell their products and services.

Finally with the our weekly online talk show “EMP Variety Show” , we hope to build a great

audience to not only give an Entertainment relief during this Pandemic, furthermore is a way

to celebrate success and achievements in the Local and international Community.